About Us

About Search Property

Search property is one of the fastest growing buyer's agencies in Australia. We have been named as finalists at the REB industry awards as the Best Buyer's Agency in Australia - 2 years in a row, in addition to AFR 100 Fastest Growing Start Up!. We specialise in high growth and high cashflow properties across regional and metromarkets in Australia. Our services are designed to simplify the property research and buying process. 

We have a dedicated team of data analysts who allow us to be early into hotspots for our clients. Our deep knowledge of land cycles also gives us the edge in securing great properties under marketvalue for our clients.

About Me

Hi guys, my name is Ravi Sharma. You may have found your way to this page by stumbling across my Youtube videos (Personal finance with Ravi Sharma).

I started investing when I was only 21 with little to no guidance. I learnt from my mistakes and developed the right systems to get the right results. With a portfolio worth more than $6M personally with over a dozen properties, I am here to share my learnings and help other like yourself achieve their financial goals.

I've conducted over 400 strategy sessions and I've understood the roadblocks that stop everyday Australians like you from achieving financial freedom through real estate investing. I've got the map and I've been through this journey before. By using our services, you are outsourcing the biggest roadblock which is executing on the right deal.

I know how to navigate these markets and together we can start building your machine which will one day give you enough passive income to retire early.