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Founder of Search Property buyer's agency and host of Australia's #1 Real Estate YouTube Channel, Personal Finance with Ravi Sharma
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Acquired 13 properties by the age of 28

My name is Ravi Sharma and I am the founder of the Search Property buyer's agency. You may have come here after watching my Youtube videos (Personal Finance with Ravi Sharma), which i'm proud to say now has over 60,000 subscribers, hungry for education about real estate investing and building the foundation for retirement.
Bachelor's Degree in Business
Advanced Diploma in Conveyancing
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Certificate IV in Finance & Mortgage Broking
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Class 1 License in Real Estate
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the biggest roadblock is execution

I have conducted over 500 strategy sessions

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I started investing when I was 22, with little to no guidance. I learnt from my mistakes and developed systems that would replicate success.

I thrive in seeing others succeed, and my mission is to help others, like yourself, achieve their financial goals.
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Throughout the strategy sessions I've conducted, I have understood the roadblocks that stop everyday Australians like you from achieving financial freedom through real estate investing.

I've got the map and I've been through this journey before. By using our services, you are outsourcing the biggest roadblock, which is executing on the right deal.
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I know how to navigate these markets and together we can start building your machine, which will one day give you enough passive income to retire early.
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I now lead a team of over 15 real estate professionals, helping other Australians create actionable strategies to help realise their dream of early retirement through property investment.

We focus on regional and metro properties, seeking a balance of high cashflow and high capital growth.

If you're ready to take control of your financial future, get in touch with us today!
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