Confusion To Clarity

Australian Real Estate - Online Course

The Complete Step By Step Guide To Buying Your First Property In Australia

About The Course

Buying your first home or investment property can be really confusing with the constantly changing rules, regulations and government incentives. Taking the wrong step with property will cost you $100,000s and a lifetime of debt that will follow you for the rest of your life.

The Solution?

A structured, step by step course that will help guide you into your first property purchase. Go from being confused about how to start, to then building clarity by creating your very own strategy, whilst understanding every step of the property purchasing journey.

This is the complete guide that my team and I have used to help people like yourself in gaining clarity and direction with the first property purchase.

This course will suit a first home buyer and/or an investor looking for their first investment property in Australia.

In this course, you will get the exact strategies and resources you need to help gain clarity around your first steps when starting out with real estate investing in Australia.

If you’re serious about getting started with buying property in Australia, join me in my self-help course.

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What’s Included?

Most people believe that the key to buying property is to simply jump online and start attending open homes. However, I believe the key to creating wealth with the properties you purchase is to first create a roadmap which is in line with your values and goals. That’s why I have created the confusion to clarity course.

In my course, you will learn exactly how it’s done, so that you can stop wasting time at open homes and chatting away with agents. Instead, you will minimize time wastage and lower the risks by knowing exactly what to look out for, which could save you both time and money!

3+ hours of exclusive video content;
16 Lessons;
4 Key modules that cover: before the purchase, during the
purchase & after the purchase; and
Interactive worksheets and templates.

About Me

Hi guys, my name is Ravi Sharma. You may have found your way to this page by stumbling across my Youtube videos (Personal finance with Ravi Sharma).

I started investing when I was only 21 with little to no guidance. I learnt from my mistakes and developed the right systems to get the right results. With a portfolio worth more than $6M personally with over a dozen properties, I am here to share my learnings and help other like yourself achieve their financial goals.

I've conducted over 400 strategy sessions and I've understood the roadblocks that stop everyday Australians like you from achieving financial freedom through real estate investing.

I've got the map and I've been through this journey before. By using our services, you are outsourcing the biggest roadblock which is executing on the right deal. I know how to navigate these markets and together we can start building your machine which will one day give you enough passive income to retire early.

Our customers

We represent the Buyer NOT the Seller. We're here to help you secure the right property under market value in a high growth location.